Princeton Class of 2000
Reunions is online, May 28–31, 2020!

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Although we can’t reunite in person on Princeton’s campus, we look forward to a number of opportunities to virtually connect with each other during Reunions weekend. See below for more information!

Class Offerings
Virtual class reunion
Saturday, May 30 at 12 noon EDT
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Millennial Lecture Series 2020
A Q&A with Chai Vasarhelyi ’00
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Tiger Storytime (asynchronous)
by Kate Elliott '00
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Reunions Logo coloring pages
by Jena Sher Koch '00
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Virtual Mini-Reunions
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University Events
President Eisgruber's live address
Saturday, May 30 at 1pm EDT 
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Virtual P-Rade
Saturday, May 30 at 2pm EDT
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And many more, including:
  • alumni-faculty fora
  • club/affinity group reunions
  • virtual tent parties
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You can contribute!
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